When you haul a load for Ship SLC, you can rest assure that you’re working with one of the best 3PL brokers in the industry.

Because logistics is highly dynamic, prone to disruptions and sudden change without notice, the best thing we can do for each other is be truthful.  We recognize drivers are the life-blood to our brand and view every shipment as an opportunity to build a win-win partnership.  You’ll receive 24/7/365 support, you’ll be treated with respect, and you’ll be paid on-time, every time.   We’re well known in the carrier community as one of the “Good brokers” to work with.  

The easiest way to become a carrier is to call us (508) 885-6060.  As of Jan 2024 using GoHighway to onboard and monitor carriers.

Careers at Ship SLC a Smart Logistics Consortium provides asset-based International, Domestic shipping & warehousing services.